The Magic Returns

Session 3

Invaded ruins inhabited by goblins and completely wiped them out. Even the ones that ran away and hid hoping that they would eventually get to return home.
In some goblin bedding is found a rusty sword and a mysterious amulet.

Beneath the ruins they find a large natural cave. In the cave was a fresh water source, a large hive of large bees, and a very flat circle in the natural stone floor. As they stood over the circle trying to figure it out Thunder became frustrated with all the unsubstantiatable theories and finally just whaled on it with his hammer, much to Ray and Elaiden’s surprise.
This allowed Elaiden to find a small glint of metal beneath the stone which when dug up turned out to be a sword! Also within the stone was a box of metal disks and a ring.

Upon returning to BriarStone they find that a lot more time had passed than they realized. Best guess, their time in the Fey realm passed differently than “the real world.”
They also had a message from the baron waiting for them. The baron and the chancellor were ready to send wagons when they got word back saying things were ready.

Shepherds did not return with their sheep. The party were the only ones around to investigate. They found shepherds Talera and Aldra; they found Aldra hanging upside down with her broken foot wedged into the rocks above her and Talera beneath her holding her up to keep her weight off the foot.
As they were getting Aldra down Talera was exclaiming about the witch. Someone needed to get the witch to heal her.
The party chose to heal her then go search for the witch. They swore the girls to secrecy.
They questioned Adem as he was a frequent customer of the witch’s. Adem told them to follow the stream until it turned into swamp and they would find a cave nearby where The Swamp Witch, Ashell, lives. Adem likes her. She has been very kind to him.

The next morning they went and found Ashell and found out that she makes healing potions. And that she served in the war and survived but not exactly well.
She asked them to get more of the plant that she makes the potions out of because she couldn’t get to where they were.

The wading out into deeper water led them to see things that Ashell had likely never been able to see. Farther down the cliff wall that Ashell’s small cave was in was another much larger and definitely carved entrance way with stairs leading up to it out of the water.
They went in to have a look. They found a place where it looked like the dead were interred but before they could explore DEATH came into the structure behind them.

Session 2
The Ministry and the Fey

Golbins ambushed them and they found out that even goblins can use magic. They had a shaman-like goblin that could throw ugly greenish fire.
The goblins were still fairly easily defeated.

They rushed back to Karton to find the Baron safe. They reported that he had a spy in his midst that was very eager to stop his plans. The Baron couldn’t believe that it could be Jezet though she was the only one that knew of their meeting. The Baron eventually thought of another possible leak… the mapmaker.

While talking to the mapmaker, Varis Yeldin, they noted that his daughter, Ellyn, had left without them noticing. She was running straight toward the church!
The party followed her into the church and tried to stop her by claiming that she stole their shoes. There was much commotion in which Ellyn was yelling that she needed to see Halira until Chancellor Edric stepped out onto a balcony above and called down for the party to meet with him in his office.

In their meeting the Chancellor and the dukes son beat around their respective bushes. It seemed like they were on the same side but neither would come right out and say what that side was.

Chancellor Edric did say he was not a fan of Cardinal Vasker‘s zealous pursuit of his duties. He has mentioned it to his superiors but was they like Vasker’s zeal.
He also felt that he could protect the group by placing them under his protection. This would cause most over zealous priests to back off from threatening them in any way.

After another meeting with the baron the party headed back toward BriarStone.
From there they headed west out to the Dardendrian Keep. They found an ancient stone circle that had obvious magically effects. And they found a large graveyard with a few graves dug up.

They were attacked by a guy and his 4 skeletons. He was defeated before he or his skeletons could do much damage.
Elaiden is now wearing and experimenting with the “thing” the guy wore around his neck that animated the dead. Thunder is carrying a wand that the guy shoot magic blobs at them with.

Bedding down for the night they saw that a pile of rocks that looked like stairs actually turned into stairs when the moonlight hit them. The stairs were made of moonlight and headed up way into the sky.
At the top of a nearly half hour climb they see what they now believe to be a party, literal party, of the fey.
They “met” the queen of the fey. And were tested?
They learn that a fey named Lufiel created the elves by mating with humans, quite a few humans.
The fey mirror of Akaria shows the lands of the orcs as completely lifeless and blackened.
There is a mirror place a great distance away that is very… something. It has killed a few fey exploring it so they leave it alone.

After catching up on their sleep they headed north toward the spot marked on the map as Jalorn Estates. On the way they found the remnants of an ancient road that seemed to head the direction they were heading. So they followed it and eventually found the ruins of a large stone building. They gate was replaced with sticks from the area. And was that a goblin peaking out?

Session 1
The Beginning

The party members were assembled by Baron Konrad Melekar. He offered them a special assignment. Find magic that will help defeat the orcs. Of course, anything that helps defeat the orcs will be acceptable.

The party was given a map of an area near the village of BriarStone with three areas marked that may have ruins from an earlier time; possibly from a time when there was actually magic.

They traveled to BriarStone met with the Barons brother Brison.
The next morning they set out for the ruin marked Zevikoss. There they fought Flaming Giant Spiders in a dark basement.
They also found a hidden area that could only be opened by someone that had magic ability. This area held many, apparently, glass weapons. It was also lit by lanterns that were powered by magic. And a belt for each of them.

When they went to leave the hidden basement area, they were attacked in the name of the Ministry. One of the attackers escaped. It seemed that she ran shortly after she realized who she was working for.

They found a note on one of the men. It implied that someone knew what Baron Melekar was doing which meant that he might also be in danger! They borrowed some fast horses and started racing back to the baron.

First night under the stars they find themselves surrounded by goblins!

The New Beginning

Magic is something out of the fairy tales.

The main “facts” that everybody knows about this world:
1. medieval society
2. no magic
3. the humans, dwarves and elves have allied to fight the orcs
4. the orcs are winning
5. All male children are trained to fight. The girls too if they want.
6. Girls not trained to fight are expected to be creating the next generation of fighters.


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